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Benefits of Drop and Hook Shipping

Seward Motor Freight

· Drop shipping

Seward Motor Freight, Inc. is a small Nebraska-based, family-owned truckload carrier company for the last fifty years that provides transportation services for customers that need general commodities, no haz-mat products shipped. Established in the early 1940s as a less than a truck load carrier providing freight service between Omaha, Lincoln, Seward and the surrounding areas. Currently, 65 percent of Seward Motor Freight, Inc. is drop-and-hook while 95 percent is no-touch making this method very convenient for the truck driver.

Drop and hook shipping methods enables carriers and shippers to plan efficiently and align their delivery and shipping schedules 24 hours per day, however requires more trailers. Any time a carrier can drop an empty trailer at a customer’s yard and pick up a loaded trailer to be delivered this increases productivity for the driver. There are numerous benefits to drop and hook for both the shipper and the carrier.

First, shippers can unload or load a trailer at their convenience rather than having to schedule a time for the carrier to be loaded or unloaded. It also saves the carrier time as they do not wait to be unloaded and then reloaded. When all possible and if you have the additional equipment, drop and hook is the best method for efficient freight movement.

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