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Trucking Industry’s Significance to Nebraska's Economy

Seward Motor Freight

A truckload carrier that traces its origins to the 1940s, Seward Motor Freight has grown from hauling freight between Omaha and Seward, Nebraska, to having long haul permits to transport general commodities all over the continental United States. Seward Motor Freight is a member of and has won successive outstanding safety program awards from the Nebraska Trucking Association (NTA).

NTA is dedicated to promoting the interests of the commercial trucking industry in Nebraska. The organization notes that Nebraska's trucking industry provides 62,970 jobs, which is equivalent to employing one out of every 12 wage earners in the state. Nebraska’s combined trucking industry wages exceed $2.7 billion, producing an average annual trucking industry salary of $42,512.
The state’s trucking industry pays around $302 million in state and federal road taxes and fees. While trucks comprise only 13 percent of vehicle miles traveled, trucks pay 45 percent of all fees and taxes due from motorists in Nebraska. Also, trucks move 76 percent of Nebraska’s manufactured tonnage. More than 48 percent of the communities in Nebraska rely solely on trucking to transport their goods.

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